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13 March 2012

~Jodi & Glenn~ *Married* {Gold Coast Wedding Photographer}

What a beautiful day...what a lovely couple! This is Jodi and Glenn, married on the very special day 11-11-11. So many couples chose that numerically perfect day to tie the knot and I had the pleasure of photographing this one. The ceremony took place at the gorgeous Currumbin Beach, not far from Elephant Rock. And the reception was at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

This fabulous couple lives in Sweden although Jodi is from Australia. They had many, many friends and family travel over from Sweden and even one from Japan. So needless to say they wanted to show their special guests all that the Gold Coast and Australia had to offer. Beautiful beaches and native wildlife, all wrapped up in one perfect day.

Martinia xoxo

05 March 2012

~Monica & Mark~ *Married* {Byron Bay Wedding Photographer}

Wow, that was a long stretch in between blogs! Sorry, if you have been missing out on the beautiful love stories, amazing dresses, gorgeous locations and (may I say, ehem...) the fabulous photography. I had to take a few months off to have a baby. Her name is Mia...but that is another blog conversation. Back to business...

This love story started in the great out West (Western Australia) and continues its new chapter in gorgeous Byron Bay. It was a beautiful day with fabulous whispy clouds. Mark & Monica got ready at different locations (of course) but it was like they were right there together. They sent notes and gifts to each other on the day...romantic! The ceremony was at The Byron Bay Golf Club and the reception was emaculately decked pun intended at The Deck in Byron. There was plenty of laughter, love and tears of joy. And boy, oh they know how to boogie! They all danced the night away. It is amazing when two people meant for each other can be together. I love it!

Martinia xoxo